Gwen Yen Chiu is a Chicago-based artist whose work explores and critiques the ephemeral nature of human history, social practices, and emotion through abstracted imagery. Her process features fabricated and cast metal at its core. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design for fashion design and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Sculpture, receiving her BFA from SAIC in 2018. Since graduation, she has shown her work both nationally and internationally. Gwen also works as a metal fabricator, assisting artists around Chicago in all aspects of creating and producing large-scale sculptural works


“…In my recent sculptures, I have been interested in the relationship between body and prosthetic. This interest developed from my extensive studies on Otto Lilienthal and Leonardo DaVinci’s flying machines, which were beautiful artworks as well as highly engineered machinery. These machines, which were worn on the human body to act as bird wings, are a type of bodily prosthetic that resolved aeronaut’s dreams of human flight. The beauty in the relationship between body and appendage, one artificial and one organic, comes from the idea that both must each act as an extension to the other while coexisting together as one — both on a physical and psychological level.”

-Gwen Yen Chiu