Gwen Yen Chiu is a Chicago based artist who creates artwork that uses abstracted images of the human form in order to critique and mimic multitudes of human emotion, gesture and interactions. Through orchestration of different materials, including but not limited to, the casting and fabrication of metals, fabrics, plastics, technology, eccetera, she looks to comment on the feelings of displacement and ‘weights’ of everyday life. Through enhancing abstracted figures with fantasy prosthetics and bodily appendages, She strives to create a visual language which addresses the strange and obscure, surrealism, and ideas on distorted psychology.

“…In my recent sculptures, I have been interested in the relationship between body and prosthetic. This interest developed from my extensive studies on Otto Lilienthal and Leonardo DaVinci’s flying machines, which were beautiful artworks as well as highly engineered machinery. These machines, which were worn on the human body to act as bird wings, are a type of bodily prosthetic that resolved aeronaut’s dreams of human flight. The beauty in the relationship between body and appendage, one artificial and one organic, comes from the idea that both must each act as an extension to the other while coexisting together as one — both on a physical and psychological level.”

-Gwen Yen Chiu